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AAAA Specialties "Celebrating 50 Years of Business!"

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Celebrating 50 Years!!!

Jun 21, 2012

AAAA Specialties is proudly celebrating 50 YEARS of satisfying customers.

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Custom Compression Spring

Custom Manufactured Compression Spring

Custom Compression Spring A Compression spring is an open-wound, helical springs that exert a load or force when compressed. They are typically cylindrical but can be conical, barrel shaped, or hourglass form. The ends can be open only, open and ground, closed only, or closed and ground. larger image larger image   Specifications Compression Spring Materials Beryllium Copper ...

Extension Springs

Custom Manufactured Extension Springs

Extension Springs   Extension springs are tight wound, helical springs that create a resistance to a pulling force. These springs are wound with an initial tension that holds the coils together. Initial tension is the force it takes to separate the coils. We can make these springs with machine hooks or loops, cross-over hooks or loops, extended hooks, swivel hooks, or any other type to fit your application. larger image larger image   Speci...

Custom Wire Forms

Custom Wire Forms

Custom Wire Forms larger image We are capable of manufacturing custom wire forms in a variety of shapes and sizes. Manufacturing is available in round wire or strip design.   Specifications Wire Form Materials Beryllium Copper Chrome Silicon ...

Double Torsion Spring

Custom Torsion Springs Manufacturer

Torsion Springs   Torsion springs are helical coil springs that exert a torque or rotary force. Torsion springs are wound clockwise or counter clockwise so that the deflection causes the spring to wind up from the free position. Torsion springs reduce in diameter as they wind up and their body length becomes longer. Torsion springs are typically tight wound but can be produced with pitch in them to reduce friction. These springs should be supported by a rod thru the center whenever...

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